2021 Dorm cultural exchange is now open to register! The quickest way to make local friends!

Greetings! Are you interested in meeting local friends? Do you wish to know Taiwan more from local students in the dorms? If so, the Student Housing Service Division, NTU , cordially invites you to join in our 2021 Dorm Language Exchange Programme ! We provide cultural exchange thru English or Japanese , so just register for the language you are most familiar with ! There is no constraint of the topic you would like to talk as it does not consider to be inappropriate. Enjoy sharing and learning different cultures with delicacies and hot beverages provided!
(To local students : This is the registration for NON-LOCALs, for local students, please wait for further notice.) 本地生注意,本次招募為外籍生,本地生將於下週開放註冊,敬請稍候,謝謝!
1. Qualification
As long as you are a registered non-local NTU student  (exchange / visit student included) , you are very welcomed to register.
2. Date & Time: Dec. 15, 18:40~21:00 (with 20 mins break at 19:40) @Changxing Dorm Dec. 17, 18:40~21:00 (with 20 mins break at 19:40) @Freshmen Women's Dorm Dec. 22, 18:40~21:00 (with 20 mins break at 19:40) @Freshmen Women's Dorm Dec. 24, 18:40~21:00 (with 20 mins break at 19:40) @Shuiyuan Dorm (There are two session, each session will be paired with 3 local students)
3. Students who complete the service will receive a certificate. Delicacies, beverages and complimentary gifts will also be provided. *(the presents given are subject to change)
4. The orientation will be held on 12/10 (Fri), 12:30 @Freshmen Women's Dorm. Lunch will be provided and more information will be given prior to the meeting through your registered mail.
The registration is open from 11/25~11/29 12:00 p.m We will announce the result at 11/30 12:00p.m through mail. Registrationhttps://forms.gle/2VJmTGVDVHXb1iQb8

If there's any questions, please contact Jane Lin (linyc@ntu.edu.tw).
Don’t miss out on the quickest way to make friends with the local students!  We look forward to having you with us!

Best wishes,

Student Housing Service Division
ffice of Student Affairs
National Taiwan University

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